Krigskunst og Kanoner. Johannes Bengedans' bøssemester- og krigsbog [Kriegskunst und Kanonen. Das Büchsenmeister- und Kriegsbuch des Johannes Bengedans], 2 Bde., udgivet af Hans Blosen og Rikke Agnete Olsen, under medvirken af Aage Andersen, Bendt Falkesgaard Perdersen, Frede Storborg, Aarhus 2006. Universitetsforlag Aarhus, 287 S. (u.a. Vollfaksimile und nhd. Übersetzung) + 149 S., ISBN 978-87-7934-162-3, EUR 56,95

This volume publishes for the first time the manuscript AM 374 fol. in the Arnamagnaean Collection of the University of Copenhagen. Kriegskunst und Kanonen (Artillery and the Art of War) is the title that the editors have given to Johannes Bengedans' splendid handbook from c. 1450. He was a German craftsman/engineer in the employment of both the High Master of the Teutonic Order and King Christopher III of Denmark (1440-48). The manuscript contains formulas for explosives and explains the handling of canons and the techniques of siege. The first volume of this publication includes a facsimile of the manuscript, richly illustrated with Bengedans' own drawings, as well as translations of the text into Danish and modern German. The second volume comprises a transcription of the text with explanations and commentaries on language, war, and weapons of war of the time, as well as on measurements, weights, and ingredients in the multitude of explosive formulas - all supplying an insight into the early history of chemistry and the warfare of the Middle Ages. Explanatory texts are in Danish and German and an English summary is included.